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About Siam Serpentarium

Best snake farm in Bangkok

Are you attracted by the utterly unique and unusual? Then take a journey to the other side of incredible at Asiaa's first and only totally immersive snake experience. You will not only feel the amazing sensation of being a snake for a day but will also hear fascinating facts about these extraordinary creatures. Treat yourself to a truly entertaining and educational outing at the inimitable Siam Serpentarium.

Snake Museum in Bangkok

The Worlda's First & Only Holistic Serpent Sensorium

Youa've never experienced anything like this before! Hiss and slither as you enjoy the astounding and authentic feelings of being a snake. In this truly state-of-the-art edutainment phenomenon, you will venture through an interactive forest environment and learn the lowdown on serpents; how they are born, hunt, survive, and reproduce. An amazing array of fascinating displays will engross you in all the sensational details.

Snake Farm

Meet Amazing Snake Species & Learn Incredible Facts

Come face to face with over 70 fascinating species of snake from every corner of the globe in the world-class serpentarium. Witness the biggest, longest, most exotic and the most exciting. The mighty Anaconda, the rare Golden Cobra, the colorful Ball Python and a host of others all wait to thrill you. Your enjoyment and appreciation will be heightened by a wide variety of edutainment activities.

Naka Theatre

The Breathtaking Snake Sound & Light Extravaganza

Prepare to be dazzled and delighted by stunning audiovisual performances in the Naka Theatre. You will be transported through space and time as exotic Thai tales about mankind and snakes unfold. You will grip the edge of your seat in sheer wonder as you witness this spectacular show in a spacious and comfortable 400-seat stadium.

Snake Maze Playground

The fun never stops with our fabulous Snake Maze playground, just great for all the family!

Souvenir and Gift Shop

While at Siam Serpentarium, you'll have a wild time shopping for souvenirs of your most memorable experience in this large and well-stocked shop featuring an extraordinary assortment of snake-themed souvenirs, tasty treats, and snacks. You'll also find authentic goods representing Thailand like carvings, jewelry, packaged food, spa products, apparel and more!